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A limited sampling of grants we have helped our clients receive is provided below to help illustrate the wide spectrum of projects we are pleased to have assisted. These grants were private foundations, corporations, federal agencies, state agencies and local governments for project, operating, general and capital support.


Resulting Grants

Hospital Emergency Room and Radiology Department expansion


Hospice expansion, including new building and expanded inpatient facility

$610,000 including Kresge Foundation challenge grant

Africa communication centers that will spread critical information in rural areas


Patient monitoring equipment at a rural hospital


Literacy council operations and activities


Radio reading service for the blind


Transportation van serving people with low incomes


Microenterprise program for inner-city residents


Women’s heart health


Infant mortality prevention for minority teens


Community organizing in distressed neighborhoods


Artist business incubator and feasibility study

$80,000 (requested $40,000)

Appalachian journalist workshops


Childhood obesity treatment


Downtown economic development and employment initiatives


Affordable housing construction, loans and operating funds


Adolescent pregnancy prevention services


Vocational services for people with extreme obstacles to employment


Substance abuse treatment and prevention


Business lending and technical assistance for Hispanic community members


Mentoring and work program


Web site offering information and translation to refugees and immigrants

$200,000 proposal ranked #1 in US out of
over 200 submissions