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Open Communication TM Fundraising Cycle

Communication Mark bases its work on a trademarked,
ten-step process called the Open Communication TM Fundraising Cycle. We developed this process to solve a common problem: the tendency of nonprofits to rush from one idea to another, or one deadline to another, without achieving their full potential.

The Open Communication TM Fundraising Cycle is designed to keep nonprofits on track as they plan their work and conduct fundraising, so that they can communicate effectively, both internally and externally. It highlights the steps that every nonprofit organization should take (with or without help from Communication Mark) to responsibly plan its work and raise funds.

Because our mission is to promote stewardship, growth and service through communication, we encourage all of our clients to adopt this fundraising model.

The ten steps of the cyclical process are:

Gain leadership endorsement of open communication and systems that maximize opportunity, focus and flow.

Document the dire community needs addressed by your agency and pair them with corresponding strategies.

Create detailed descriptions and budgets for activities that attract support and create positive change.

Identify and understand the contributors who will invest in your efforts to address community needs.

Build, maintain and manage relationships that foster confidence and inspire giving.

Articulate existing needs and offer a solution to implement in exchange for support.

Thank supporters, then ensure the proper initiation and maintenance of your projects.

Systematically record data to test the effectiveness of your strategies.

Share successes, challenges and new learning with personnel and supporters.

Institutionalize positive changes and explore their long-term implications.