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We are a team of consultants who are bound together by a passion for helping people change communities. We believe that nonprofits create lasting, positive social change when they implement sustainable solutions to community needs. We love partnering with nonprofits by providing fundraising and organizational development services!

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We are best known for our grant proposal writing — our first service offering — but our experience in that venue motivated us to support nonprofits in several other ways. When we launched Communication Mark in April 2000, we were reminded that great grant proposals do not necessarily translate into public benefits. Nonprofit organizations must place a high priority on fundraising, but that’s all for naught if the agency’s mission is not fulfilled in the process. We offer a portfolio of services to help our clients ensure that they achieve their highest goals.

Some of our best clients are established organizations with development expertise and fundraising staff that hire us to affordably increase their proposal writing capacity. Most frequently, however, we add value to this work by acting like members of a client’s staff, working side-by-side to help articulate community needs, develop core strategies, write cases for support, draft project budgets, research grant prospects, report on successes and create plans for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to understand our philosophy of public service. If you share our goals, we welcome your query and hope you will consider working with us.