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Communication Mark provides fundraising and organizational development services for nonprofits. Our work is guided by an innovative, trademarked system that has proven success with all sizes of organizations and all types of causes. Because our mission is to promote stewardship, growth and service through communication, we do more than make recommendations. We work with you to devise and implement enduring solutions to any longstanding obstacles that are unique to your organization.Communication Mark offers the following services and benefits to your organization. 
Grant Proposals: Save time and money by utilizing our proposal writing expertise. We build your fundraising capacity by preparing proposals on your behalf. You may choose to learn and implement our trademarked system for obtaining grants. Organizations that fully utilize our system are successful with two out of every three proposals. 
Case Statements: Avoid the fundraising death spiral of repeatedly rushing from a great idea to an urgent fundraising opportunity. Work with us to carefully craft a 12-to-24 month plan for a successful campaign or to develop a promising project. Obtain data to demonstrate core needs and articulate winning strategies that address these needs. 
Organizational Development: Create internal and external communication systems that coordinate board and staff efforts. Design coherent work plans to increase, improve or diversify your fundraising. Communication Mark acts as a part of your agency’s team to quickly resolve obstacles to success, and works directly with your employees and volunteers to implement solutions. 
Fundraising Research: Benefit from our research databases and tools, which will identify between 50 and 125 foundation, corporate and public agency prospects. Background research on top donors, and their connections with foundations and corporations, is available. 
Donor Communications: Incorporate keys to donor communication into your fundraising mechanisms. Use our expertise at list management to grow your prospect list and maximize your fundraising potential. Most organizations lose 85-95% of their donor base every few years. Buck this trend by ensuring that your results are evaluated, documented and then properly communicated back to current and new donors. 
Media and Public Relations: Broadcast your project success creatively and effectively with help from our team, composed of professional writers, public relations professionals and former journalists.