Grant Writing Solutions

We provide trusted solutions to every step in the process related to grant seeking. What sets us apart is our system for getting grants, and our support for you throughout the grant seeking process. Connect with us to learn more, or tour our site to learn how we provide grant planning, case statement, cultivation, research, evaluation, and reporting services.

Grant funds are most valuable when they help fulfill your organization’s mission. Our high rate of grant writing success comes from our outstanding writing and our commitment to raise funds that help achieve positive results.

We Can Help You

  • Write compelling grant proposals that secure funding.
  • Determine a grant writing plan and strategy.
  • Identify grantmakers that will support your nonprofit or public agency.
  • Build relationships with foundations and other grantmakers.
  • Report on grant outcomes.

Grant Writing with a Purpose

Grant funds are only valuable when they help fulfill an organization’s mission. We attribute our high rate of grant writing success not just to outstanding writing, but also to our commitment to raise funds for projects that achieve positive results.

All grantmakers—foundations, government agencies, corporations and others—invest in organizations that use proven strategies to address critical needs. We work with our clients—nonprofits, government entities and their for-profit partners—to articulate their efforts in ways that excite grant reviewers and satisfy trustees’ key concerns. This is the path to grant funding—and more importantly, the solution to the challenges that you, and those you serve, face every day.  Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization.

Transform your Organization with Focused Funding

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